100 Days of Graphics: Days 29 – 35 18 August 2017

Favorite Result

Wolf model in the sky using refraction to look like glass.

I finally cracked the code for rendering cubemaps, reflections, and refractions! I’ve discovered how to generate a view-direction in a shader demo tool.

I can now create an orientation for a camera and allow it to rotate in 3D, all in shader code! If I were working in a game engine, this is already done for us. Using a graphics demo tool though requires us to do more work.

Cubemap Tutorial

Published my first graphics tutorial this week. The topic is on cubemaps and the view direction. Check it out here!

Next to follow this tutorial will be a brief section on creating reflections and refractions like I did for the wolf above. It’s a super cool effect and very easy to implement once the math is worked out.

To end this dive into cubemaps, I’ll be making a combining these techniques to create a semi-reflective pool of water.

Object to Shadron

I also developed a quick tool in Python to convert an Object model into a format that Shadron can use. Shadron is a handy shader demo tool, but it lacks the feature to import custom 3D models.

The code to run this tool is on my github page –

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