Pax Dev Day 1 30 August 2017

Top Talk – Diversity Tools and Takeaways

This talk was considered a Diversity 201, a more advanced discussion about diversity beyond how to be inclusive. The panelists talked about how to create a diverse environment by tackling a toxic company culture and putting the onus on those in positions of power. Yes you’ll make mistakes, yes it’ll be embarrassing and you’ll get yelled at over it, but you need to be able to take it, learn from it, and move on.

There’s a “Leaky Pipeline” problem in the game industry. Diverse people are interviewed and hired well enough, but they leave shortly after and there’s no documentation about this problem. The problem is likely the company’s culture, and to change that culture the entire staff has to be on-board.

Concerning game-design… What doesn’t constitutes actual diversity? Skin color options, colored people for the sake of having colored people, tiny “crumbs” of diversity.

How do you create diverse characters? There’s no easy single solution, because you need to accurately represent people of backgrounds you are not. And just one token developer of that background is not sufficient to have them represent everyone with backgrounds like them (it’ll also annoy that developer to hell). The best solution is a diversity consultant or to not include these diverse people if you can’t afford it.

Tips for trying to add diverse characters.

Be aware you may not be able to even understand when something is offensive. Just listen to people when they say it’s offensive and make changes.

Other Talks

Tips to improve yourself as a game developer.


Making Games for Streams

Technical Designing

Use Iterative Design

  1. Ask a question.
  2. Quickly try an answer to it.
  3. Playtest it.
  4. Is the question answered? If not, was the question correct? Was the answer wrong?

Or try Emergent Design – throw stuff into the game and see what sticks and what sucks. Cull the bad and repeat the process focusing on the good.

During this process, don’t worry about good code or good assets. You need to test and throw stuff out quickly.

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