PAX Dev – Day 2 31 August 2017

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The VR/AR roundtable, which I wrote an entire separate post on (chronologically right before this one).

Testing Your Game

If you don’t thoroughly test your game, players will break it and there will be significant consequences – Negative press and prestige, someone will clone your game without the bugs, lost revenue, future expansions scrapped.

Common mechanics that can end up breaking your game:

And how to mitigate these problems?

Designing Co-Op Games

This roundtable discussion focused mostly on board games and tabletop games. Co-op video games have their own separate issues like match making.

Armchair gaming, or having the loudest person in the group dictate the entire game is a common problem in co-op games. Here are some ideas to fix this problem:

How do you create a challenging co-op game? A challenge means everyone loses. There literally is no winner. That’s anti-fun (for non-hardcore players). You can ramp up the difficulty so that it provides an easy introduction and then avenues to let hardcore players play how they want.

General design considerations:

Notable Games

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